There are similar games to JetX

The JetX review should start by saying that it is a gaming platform based on the use of a random number generator. For this reason, the bets and predictions involve pure luck and the randomness of the winnings. Despite the randomness of the winnings, this slot is very popular worldwide among gamblers.

Fans of gambling entertainment can find three counterparts to Jet X. All Jet-X counterparts have similar game mechanics.


The aviator slot is a game in which an airplane takes off and the multiplier value increases as it takes off. This game has become one of the most popular games among players in 2022. The plane takes off before it disappears. The player’s task is to stop in time and press the Pay button before the plane takes off.


Zeppelin is a game where the user follows the continuously increasing odds and flight of an airship that can explode at any moment. The only difference from the analogues is the interface, and instead of a blimp, a plane flies.

The peculiarity of the Zeppelin game is that the player has a certain amount of control over the winnings. At any time, he can press the “Cashout” button and take the money. The main thing is to have time to do it before the airship explodes.

Rocket slot

This space rocket slot wins money. The Jetx rocket game works with a random number generator. Due to the use of a random number generator, the outcome in Jetx Rocket Game is determined randomly.

There is no logic or pattern to the game. In the case of the Jetx Rocket Game, this means that the missile can explode at any time. The main difference between this game and similar game activities is the interface, which uses a rocket instead of airships and airplanes.