The JetX Algorithm

When playing JetX, each player makes one or more bets, trying to guess which multiplier the plane moving across the screen will land on. The longer the plane flies, the higher the betting multiplier becomes. Bets range from 0.5 BRL to 3,000 BRL per round. The plane can crash at any time, even with a multiplier of 1.00. There is no limit to how high the plane can fly.

The player can use two types of loot during the game:

  • Automatic.
  • Manual.

During a game round, hundreds or thousands of players bet on the same plane at the same time. As the round progresses, the user sees other players withdrawing.

Jetix, how it works

In manual mode, the player chooses when to stop the game and withdraw his money. In automatic withdrawal mode, the user sets a target multiplier upon reaching which the player automatically withdraws and withdraws funds to the user’s gaming account. Enabling automatic withdrawal does not mean that the player cannot withdraw manually.

RTP of the game

The slot machine has an unknown amount of volatility, and there is no official information provided by the developer about the RTP value.