Jetx Betting – Rocket Jet Game

JetX is an arcade game developed by SmartSoft Gaming. Jetx is a multiplayer game. There are no spinning reels and no lines to form prize sequences of symbols, as in conventional casino games. In the Jetx betting process, users watch the movement of small pixel planes. Jetx betting allows fans of gambling entertainment to have fun and, with a player’s luck, win a decent amount of money.

Jetx betting starts when players place their bets, which stop when the plane takes off. The longer the plane takes off, the higher the multiplier rises.

Jetx betting

Players have the ability to place Jetx bets ranging from 0.5 BRL to 3 000 BRL per spin and activate the jackpot feature of the game. The Jetix bet multiplier is randomly generated for each game. The animation starts when the players place their bets, which stops when the jet takes off.

The longer the jet goes up, the higher the multiplier goes up. At any time, the player in Jetx can decide to withdraw with a single click and then jump out of the plane before it crashes, thus multiplying his bet the moment he withdraws. The goal of playing Jetx in France is to withdraw your bet as late as possible while avoiding a crash.

There are two Jetix betting options that make the process easier:

  • Automatically bet the amount entered at the beginning of each game.
  • Automatically withdraw the bet once the selected multiplier is reached.
  • If a player in Jetx does not withdraw his bet in time, the user will lose everything.

How to play Jetx?

When playing JetX, each player places one or more bets, trying to guess what multiplier the plane will crash. The longer the plane flies, the higher the multiplier becomes. The player in JetX can bet between 0.5 BRL and 3,000 BRL per spin. It can crash at any time, even with a multiplier of 1.00. There is no limit to how high a plane can go. The multiplier range for Jetix bets can vary from 1 to infinity.

The goal of Jetx betting is to have time to cash out before the jet explodes. The player in Jetx betting has the option to reinsure and cash out early or wait until the plane reaches maximum altitude and the user can get the maximum multiplier.

During a round of play in Jetx betting hundreds and thousands of users are betting on the same plane at the same time at 1red casino. As the round progresses Jetx betting sees other competitors withdrawing.

Users can have fun in Jetx betting with real money, but the multiplayer game also gives the option to play the demo version, betting in a round virtual money.

How to play the demo

The demo version is a game mode in JetX that is available to users without registration. You do not need to make a deposit or register to play the demo version – the process is done for virtual coins. If the budget runs out, simply refresh the page and you can continue. Play JetX for free can every adult lover of gaming entertainment.

The Jetx game demo offers many benefits:

  1. the player can evaluate the Jetx game and the frequency of successful bets;
  2. the user can practice and become familiar in detail with the gameplay features;
  3. the user has the opportunity to assess the variability of the bets and the size of potential wins;
  4. have fun without spending personal money;
  5. player in the Jetx game demo can test strategies and choose the best strategy to play for real money.
  6. The demo mode of the game Jetx has one disadvantage, which is that money won in the demo can not be withdrawn to a personal account.